Information about who made SRAVI and how it works

What does SRAVI do?

SRAVI is a mobile app that records a video of you mouthing a phrase. Using Liopa's lip reading technology, SRAVI is able to convert your silent lip movement into text for a carer or family member to understand.

SRAVI helps you communicate with people in an efficient and natural way. It can currently recognise 20 phrases, but this list can be expanded up to 50 and customised for different occasions.

Who made SRAVI?

SRAVI was made by through a partnership between Liopa and Lancashire Teaching Hospital Trust.

SRAVI is being trialed in a pilot study with patients who have tracheostomies with the Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.
The project is led by Consultant in Critical Care and Anaesthesia, Dr Shondipon Laha.

How does SRAVI work?

SRAVI works by recording a video of your lip movements using a mobile phone or tablet. The video is sent to our secure servers on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Your data is encrypted at rest and during transit - this means that the data cannot be viewed by any third parties.

Once the video reaches our servers our technology detects and tracks your lip movements and converts those into text for your carer or doctor to see.