Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What does SRAVI mean?

SRAVI is an acronym for 'Speech Recognition App for the Voice Impaired' - it's hard to say, but it describes the app exactly!


How does it work?

Video capture of your lip movements will be analysed by our AI engine. The three most likely phrases that has been mouthed, are returned as a result. You can then select the correct phase. The phrase can then be shown on the mobile screen to those around you to communicate - be that with your doctor, nurses, family or friends.


Why would I need SRAVI?

If you can move your lips, but cannot make vocal sounds, as in the case of someone with a tracheostomy or who has suffered a stroke, SRAVI may be able to help you speak to those around you.


What equipment is needed?

Just a phone or tablet and our app!

What phrases does SRAVI recognise?

SRAVI initially can recognise 40 phrases that are useful for communicating with healthcare professionals. With the latest version of the app you can define your own phrases for SRAVI to recognise. To see some instructions and the phrases look at our phrase sheet

Do you collect data?

Yes; as this is a working trial, we will be analyzing usage data to find out which parts of our app are most useful. The trial is intended to help us perfect SRAVI. Our goal is for SRAVI to help as many people as possible.

Who made SRAVI?

SRAVI was developed by the team at Liopa - one of the world's only startups focused on automated lip reading. It was designed in partnership with the Lancashire Teaching Hospital Trust who are experts in dealing with tracheostomy patients. Liopa is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland and is associated with Queen's University Belfast. See more at

How much does it cost?

We are currently offering SRAVI for free, while we are trialing it. In the future, there may be a low monthly fee to use SRAVI.

How do I get SRAVI?

Our lipreading app is currently being trialled in UK NHS hospitals. It is not available for private use at this stage while we evolve the functionality of the app. We plan to have a version available soon for individuals to use.

Thank you. Your interest in SRAVI is greatly appreciated.